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To Our Valued Customers

Some facts in general about Thurlow garments:
Heavy-weight for riding (light-weight sometimes available), heavy nylon zippers, #1 deerskin leather, uncomplicated clean design, best protection, wider comfortable temperature range.
Deerskin is the alternative to cowhide. You don’t see much of this leather because it is very difficult to work with and very expensive. There are only a few craftsmen who will tackle working with deerskin. We invite you to make a "pin" test with cowhide and deerskin. The superior strength will stand out. We do not double stitch or triple stitch except for "trim" because extra stitching only weakens leather. We use extra durable thread. Each stitch sinks into the seam and is not exposed to road surface if the unfortunate happens, resistant to deterioration. We use only North American materials.

Jacket motorcycle
Premium quality skins selected by Thurlow and tanned to Thurlow's rigid specifications. This deerskin is softer than any other leather and has much greater elasticity... for incomparable comfort. Greater tensile strength makes
Motorcycle Gloves
Original US Patent. No Seams in palm or on front of fingers. Formfit that molds to the hand like a second skin. This unique design is available only in gloves by Thurlow
pants and chaps
Neckbands. See our exclusive models.

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