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Why does Thurlow specialize in deerskin?

Deer skin gloves and jacketsBecause deerskin has the greatest breathing quality of any leather, making it warmer when it's cold and cooler when it's warm... Deerskin grips better, even when wet. The superior tensile strength means longer war, more abrasion resistance. And it is washable according to instructions. The greater softness and elasticity provides unmatched comfort.

Due to its unique characteristics, deerskin is very difficult to work with. And Thurlow craftsmen must serve a long and demanding apprenticeship. High quality deerskin products cannot be mass-produced. Therefore, availability is limited.

Skilled handcrafting of premium quality deerskins… painstaking attention to detail… garments individually tailored to your measurements… the unique Thurlow seamless palm glove custom made to your hand pattern. It takes all this and more to create for you the ultimate in riding apparel.

Motorcycle LeatherThe Thurlows supervise all operations and perform all the careful inspections… to make sure that your Thurlow garments and gloves will fit perfectly, will have the luxurious, expensive appearance your would expect… that pride of ownership demands!

It will be a privilege to create for you the finest riding gloves and garments you can possibly own. It will take a few weeks, but you will find that they are worth waiting for.

Thurlow Leather

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